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Alcohol following your Surgery


We would advise that you take care drinking alcohol following your gastric sleeve or bypass operation. It is usually the case that you will become more sensitive to the effects of alcohol so you could find that it goes to your head a lot quicker than it would normally.

We would recommend any alcohol at all after surgery until you are back on normal diet with no problems at all. The first time you try alcohol after that please take it slow. Have just one drink, sip it slowly and carefully and assess how you are feeling before having any more. The worst thing you can do is plan a big night out after not having any alcohol for some time then drink way too much making yourself ill

Too much alcohol as you know whether you have had surgery or not can be dangerous if you lose control so be very careful. Too much alcohol can be harmful to your liver too so go easy. Remember to drink plenty of water if you have been drinking alcohol because it is a diuretic so could help contribute to dehydration

Don’t forget that alcohol itself is also high in calories so too much can hinder your weight loss. Mixers can also be high in calories so choose the reduced sugar versions where possible. Remember too that we don’t recommend fizzy drinks after your surgery so that includes prosecco, champagne and fizzy mixers. 

Some top tips to help:

  • Try low sugar orange juice, fresh orange, cranberry juice, lime juice as mixers
  • Have wine instead or Prosecco
  • Try Guinness instead of lager/ beer
  • If you enjoy the taste of drinks with a fizzy mixer stir with a metal spoon to remove the gas – gin and slimline tonic for example
  • Drink your alcoholic drinks slowly and have an non – alcoholic one in – between
  • End you night with a couple of glasses of water
  • Don’t skimp on meals to save calories for alcohol – you need the nutrition and the food intake if you are going to be drinking
  • Try some non – alcoholic alternatives – some low alcohol wines taste just about as good as the real thing
  • Too much alcohol may irritate your stomach so learn what your limits are


So alcohol can be enjoyed in most cases in moderation – but that’s usually less than for those who haven’t undergone weight loss surgery

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