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A Healthy Lifestyle

  • Up the fluid intake – as well as all the health benefits water provided it will also help to fill you up – the fuller you feel the easier you will find it to stick to your diet. Even very mild dehydration can cause tiredness and headaches so before you pop a pill or start worrying about your health check your fluid intake first
  • Remember to do your measurements – sometimes you will lose inches as well as weight so if you ever weigh yourself and haven’t lost one week do your measurements as you may have lost inches (especially if you are exercising)
  • You really are what you eat – the only way your body gets fuel and the nutrients it needs to survive and function correctly is from your diet. So eat healthily and listen to your body – if something’s not right ask for help or see your doctor
  • Contrary to popular belief it’s ok to eat between meals if you are hungry provided you choose low calorie healthy snacks
  • Be wary of the so –called “superfoods” There is no one food that will provide your body with everything it needs. Instead there are many foods that are supremely healthy and when eaten in conjunction with a healthy diet, balanced diet they will provide your body with certain benefits. We all know that fruit is healthy for example but it doesn’t provide us with enough iron or protein that our body needs so protein is just one part of a balanced diet
  • If you get a snack attack and distracting yourself instead of giving in!! Read a book or surf the internet or chill in the bath!!
  • It’s great to want to lose weight and be healthier but don’t aim for unrealistic goals. Maintain a normal BMI of 20 – 25 (sometimes quoted as 19 – 24 for females) It’s easy to keep losing weight as the compliments come flooding in but a low BMI isn’t good for you either. Problems with this include tiredness, weakened immune system, feeling cold, fertility issues …….
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